advantage n.有利条件;有利地位;好处;利益

take advantage of因利乘便

e.g.Females have an advantage over males.女性比男性有优势。

adventure v.n.冒险活动;冒险的刺激

e.g.I'm quite fascinated by his adventure in Africa.我对他在非洲的冒险非常着迷

advertisement n.广告;公告;招聘广告

e.g.Newspapers are good media for advertisements.报纸是广告的好媒介

advice n.劝告;意见;通知

e.g.As it turned out,the advice was bad.事实证明,这个建议很糟糕。

advisable adj.可取的

e.g.It is advisable to take an open-minded approach to new ideas对新思想采取开明的态度是明智的。

advise v.劝告;建议;给?当顾问;通知

e.g.I advised against their doing it.我劝他们不要这么做。

aeroplane n.飞机

e.g.The aeroplane takes off at飞机上午11点起飞。

affair n.事件;东西;事情;恋爱;风流韵事;

e.g.You have to investigate into this affair.你必须调查这件事

affect v.影响;打动;侵袭;损害;假装;喜

e.g.Will the new rules affect me?新规定会影响我吗?

affection n.喜爱;爱情

e.g.Juliet's affection for Romeo is deeply rooted.朱丽叶对罗密欧的感情根深蒂固。

afford v.支付得起;能抽出;承受得起;提供

e.g.Few could afford the luxury.很少有人能负担得起这种奢侈

I'm afford you a chance.我给你一个机会。

afraid adj.畏惧的;担忧的

be afraid of害怕。。。

e.g.I'm afraid that we can't come.恐怕我们不能来了

afterward adv.事后

e.g.Afterward they went into the smoking-room for coffee and biscuits.后来,他们走进吸烟室去喝咖啡和饼干

against prep.紧靠着;碰着;反对;对抗;对?不利

Are you for or against the plan?你赞成还是反对这个计划?

He was learning against the door.他是靠门学习的。

age n.年龄;时代;时期;年龄段v长大,变老

We went to school at the age of six.我们六岁就上学了。

We reach old age before we know it.我们还没意识到就老了。

agency n.代理机构;代理;专门机构;介入

She owns an advertising agency.她拥有一家广告公司。

agent n.代理人;特工;动因;剂;施事者

Our company's agent in U.S will meet you at the airport.我们公司在美国的代理将在机场接你。

aggressive adj.好斗的;凶猛的;侵略成性的;挑衅的

Dogs can be aggressive if provoked.如果被激怒,狗会很有攻击性。

Some people get aggressive after drinking alcohol有些人喝酒后会变得咄咄逼人。

agony n.极度痛苦

alleviate sb's agony减轻某人的痛苦

A toothache may cause a great deal of agony.牙痛可能会引起很大的痛苦。

agree v.认同;商定;谈妥;核准;批准

agree on sth同意某事

agree with sb同意某人

His deeds do not agree with his words.他的行为不符合他的诺言。

agreement n.意见一致;同意;协议;一致

reach an agreement达成协议

They reached an agreement about the plan.他们就这个计划达成了协议。

agriculture n.农业;农艺;农学

Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy.农业是国民经济的基础。

ahead adv.向前;今后;领先;向领先地位

There is a bright future ahead of us,我们有一个光明的未来

I have to finish the task ahead of time.我必须提前完成任务。

aid n.帮助;救助;助手v.帮助,援助

I aided him in his homework.我帮助他做家庭作业

aim v.目的

He aimed at accuracy and perfection.他的目标是精确和完美。

aircraft n.飞行器

This aircraft works by jet propulsion.这架飞机采用喷气式推进

airline n.航空公司;空气输送管;通气管

When I fly to New York,I always use the same airline.当我飞往纽约时,我总是乘坐同一家航空公司。

airplane n.飞机

The training airplane has dual controls.训练飞机有双重控制。

alarm n.担忧;惊慌;警报;警报装置

cause alarm造成恐慌

a fire alarm火警器

They heard the fire alarm and frightened.他们听到火警声,吓坏了

alcohol n.酒精;酒

How can I persuade you to keep off alcohol?我怎么才能说服你戒酒呢?

It is illegal to sell alcohol to children.卖酒给孩子是违法的。

alert adj.警觉的;

alert sb. to do sth.提醒某人做某事

She is alert to every sound and movement她对每一个声音和动作都很警觉

alike adj相同的;相似的

The two sisters look alike.这两姐妹长得很像

alive adj活着的;有活力的;存在的

In those days they could hardly keep alive.在那些日子里他们几乎活不下去了。

All the spring around him seemed to grow more lovely and alive.他周围的整个春天似乎变得更加可爱和生机勃勃。

alliance n.结盟;盟约

All the small states called for an alliance.所有的小国都呼吁结盟。

We are in alliance with each others我们彼此结盟

allocate v.分配

The manager allocates duties to the assistants.经理把职责分配给助理

allow v.允许;

allow for考虑到。。。

We must allow for his being late.我们必须允许他迟到。

Swimming is not allowed at this beach.这个海滩不允许游泳

ally n.盟国;同盟者;伙伴

Great Britain and France were allies during the First World War.第一次世界大战期间,英国和法国是盟国。

almost adv.几乎

I was almost choked by the heavy smoke.我几乎被浓烟呛住了。

alone adj独自的;单独的 adv单独地;独自地;仅仅

She watches TV when she is alone.她一个人看电视。

along prep沿着;沿着?的某处. adv.向前;一起;到某处;在某处

along with随同。。。一起

She walked slowly along the road.她沿着这条路慢慢地走着。

Please bring your girlfriend along!请带上你的女朋友!

alongside prep.在?旁边;和?在一起adv. 在旁边;靠拢着

Our ships anchored alongside.我们的船靠在岸边。

You'll find the car alongside the building.你会在大楼旁边找到那辆车的

aloud adv.出声地;大声地

Please read the story aloud.请大声朗读这个故事。

alphabet n.字母表

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet.英语字母表中有26个字母

You don't even know the alphabet of law.你甚至都不懂法律的字母表。

alter v.改变;更改;改

The weather here alters almost daily.这里的天气几乎每天都在变

alternative adj.n.替代

We have no alternative plan.我们没有别的计划。

l had no alternative but to accept his offer.我别无选择只能接受他的提议

altitude n.海拔;高海拔地区;地平纬度

The high altitudes of Tibet make it difficult for us to breathe.西藏的高海拔使我们呼吸困难。

altogether adv.完全;总共;总之

l'm not altogether satisified.我并不完全满足。

amateur n. adj业余的

Although he's only an amateur, he's a first-class speed racer.虽然他只是个业余选手,但他是一名一流的速度赛车手。

amaze v.使大为惊奇

You're an amazing bargain hunter!你真是个了不起的便宜货猎人!

l was amazed at the beauty of the Great Wall.我对长城的美丽感到惊讶。

ambassador n.大使;使者;特使

He is the Chinese Ambassador to America.他是中国驻美国大使

He has been appointed ambassador to France.他被任命为驻法国大使。

ambition n.追求的目标;志向

achieve one's ambition实现自己的野心

Ambition differs from greed.野心不同于贪婪。

ambulance n.救护车

We'll send the ambulance to pick him up.我们会派救护车去接他。

amid prep.在。。。中;四周是

Life is a vulgar flare the cool radiance.生活是一种庸俗的闪光,是清凉的光辉

amount n(数)量;金额.

amount of大量的

My savings amount to $3000我的积蓄达3000美元。

Humidity means the amount of moisture in the air.湿度是指空气中的湿度。

amuse vt.逗?笑;给?提供消遣

amuse oneself自娱

be amused at因。。。而感兴趣;被。。。逗乐

She often amuses her little brother by giving him candies.她经常给弟弟糖果,逗他开心

analyse v.分析;解读;给?作心理分析

The doctor analysed the blood sample.医生分析了血样。

analysis n.分析;分析报告

The analysis of the samples provided valuable clues to the police.对样本的分析为警方提供了有价值的线索

anchor n.锚;精神支柱v.用锚把?固定住;使固定

We anchored the boat in the bay.我们把船停泊在海湾里。

anger n愤怒.vt.使发怒

She tore the letters in anger.她愤怒地撕毁了信。

His rudeness angered many people.他的无礼激怒了许多人。

angle n.角;角度;视角;拐角

She tripped and sprained her ankle.她绊了一下,扭伤了脚踝

anniversary n.周年纪念日

Today we are here to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of our university.今天我们在这里庆祝我校成立100周年

announce v.宣布;

Please announce to students that there will be a morning assembly tomorrow morning.请向学生宣布明天上午有一个集会

annoy v.惹恼;打搅

These files are annoying me.这些文件烦死我了。

annual adj一年一次的;年度的;持续一年的. n.年刊;一年生植物

They make an annual visit to Hawaii.他们每年访问夏威夷。

ant n.蚂蚁

The ant is a social insect.蚂蚁是一种社会性昆虫。

anticipate vt.预料;预见?并作准备;期望;是

We anticipate a pleasant trip.我们期望旅途愉快。

antique adj古时的;古式的, n,古董

anxiety n.焦虑;令人焦虑的事;渴望

The teacher praised him for his anxiety for knowledge.老师因他对知识的渴望而称赞他。

anyhow adv.随便地;杂乱无章地

lt may snow,but anyhow l will go shopping.可能会下雪,但无论如何我都要去购物。

anything pron.任何事物;无论什么

anything but只有

He is anything but a professor.他绝不是教授

l don't want to say anything about this to her.我不想跟她说这件事。

anyway adv.无论如何;不过;至少

l shall go and see the patient anyway.我无论如何都要去看病人

apart adv.相隔;分开地;疏远地;在一边

apart from除了。。。

My jacket is coming apart at the seams.我的夹克在接缝处裂开了。

There is some bread apart from the milk.除了牛奶,还有一些面包。

apartment n.公寓套间

He lives in the apartment above ours.他住在我们楼上的公寓里。

The apartment is not commodious enough for us.这间公寓不够宽敞。

apologize v.道歉

l apologized for being late.我为迟到道歉

He apologized for taking my hat.他为拿走我的帽子而道歉。

apology n.道歉;勉强的替代物;辩护

make an apology to向。。。道歉

l owe him an apology.我欠他一个道歉

apparent adj.明显的;表面上的

lt's apparent that she is not willing to leave.很明显她不愿意离开。

appeal v.呼吁;上诉;诉诸裁判;有吸引力n.呼吁;上诉;诉诸裁判;吸引力

He appealed to us for support.他呼吁我们给予支持

We intended to appeal to pubulic opinion.我们打算听取公众的意见。

appear v.出现;(突然)来到;显得;出版

My book will appear in the shops next month.我的书下个月将在商店里出版。

These newly-designed devices will not appear on the exhibition.这些新设计的设备将不会出现在展览会上

appearance n.到来;出现;外表;出版;发表;刊

Don't judge someone by his appearance.不要以某人的外表来评判他。

l feel happy because of your appearance in my life.我觉得很高兴因为你在我的生活中出现

appetite n.食欲;欲望

He has a good appetite.他胃口很好。

applause n.鼓掌

give sb. applause for给某人掌声

His speech drew enthusiastic applause.他的演讲赢得了热烈的掌声。

appliance n.器具;应用

Their living room is equipped with all kinds of modern appliances.他们的起居室配备了各种现代电器。

applicable adj.适当的;可应用的

This rule is not applicable to children under 14.这一规则不适用于14岁以下的儿童

applicant n.申请人

There are no applicants for the vacancy.空缺没有申请人。

application n.申请;实施;应用;用途;敷用;勤

approve an application批准申请

lf you're applying for the job ,you must fill in an application form.如果你要申请这份工作,你必须填写一份申请表。

apply v.应用;涂

apply for sth.申请某事/某物

l am applying for a credit card.我在申请信用卡。

The government intends to apply economic sanctions政府打算实行经济制裁

appoint v.任命;确定;装设

The time appointed for the conference is 9 o'clock.会议的时间是9点。


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